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Georgia Technical Tree Removal Storm Damage

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Storm Damage

Storms bring strong winds and lightning that can bring down heavy limbs and entire trees. This can result in a dangerous situation and cause further damage to property. Never try to clear fallen trees and heavy limbs on your own. Call the professionals at Georgia Technical Tree Removal.
Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Remember...Most damage during a storm comes from trees and limbs falling unexpectedly. If you suspect your tree has been damaged, please contact the Georgia Technical Tree Services crew immediately to assess the situation.

Hiring a Tree Contractor: Important Things to Consider

  • Assure that the business is established within the community (verify website, online reviews, etc)
  • Ask to see a current Certificate of Insurance showing that the company insured for any damage to your property, workmen’s comp and personal liability
  • Get a written estimate detailing the work to be completed prior to beginning the project

We Remove Your Trees Safely and Securely

The complete removal of a standing tree can be done in many different ways, knowing which way for each tree is vitally important.
When a tree is in an area with enough room around it we can make notch cut at the bottom of the tree, then cutting from the opposite side towards the notch, the tree is felled away from the cutter, many times as a safety back up we tie a rope towards the top of the tree and the crew pulls the tree at the same time as it is cut.
When the tree is close to a structure a climber ascends to the top of the tree and cuts off branches one at a time and where necessary lowers branches by rope to reduce risk of damage to structure. Knowing when to apply the different ways of removing a tree is extremely important.
No removal job is too small. Call Georgia Technical Tree Removal, Inc. for your FREE estimate today at (404) 883-7390