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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Benefits of Professional Pruning
Professional tree trimming and pruning can lead to a healthier tree and longer tree life. Improper trimming can cause permanent damage. Trees can be a liability if not properly maintained, so pruning and trimming protects against falling limbs and debris that may hit a person or property. Also, pruning and trimming clear your view, increasing the visual appeal and property value of your home.
Complete Tree Trimming & Pruning in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.
Tree trimming consists of making planned cuts to certain limbs and branches with the goal of improving the tree's health, appearance and/or performance. Trimming the correct amount off a tree is absolutely essential to success. Much of a tree's energy reserves are stored in its foliage. Thinning too much could be a significant impediment to the tree's health and growth. That's why it's always important to hire a professional, experienced tree trimming company.

Reasons to Consider Tree Trimming

  • Reduces hazards to people or property
  • Enhances beauty
  • Supports strong structure
  • Prevents damage prior to a storm
  • Reduces wind resistance
  • Provides clearance for structures
  • Increases light and air penetration to crown's interior

Tree Pruning Techniques

  • Thinning a tree's canopy allows more light to penetrate it's interior. The effect is a strengthening of the tree's interior structure and an increase in trunk diameter. It also helps prevent disease and infection by increasing airflow.
  • Structural Pruning - Often a tree will seek out sunlight by growing laterally in excess. They may grow multiple trunks, excessively large or long lateral branches and often have too many branches originating from one point. The goal of structural pruning is to give the tree a single, dominant trunk with evenly spaced branches. This ensures a healthier and longer life.
  • Canopy Reduction - If your tree has outgrown its allotted space, it might be time for a canopy reduction. This technique consists of trimming the outer edges of the canopy to reduce its size.
  • Lifting - Ever hit your head on a branch while walking down the sidewalk? It's no fun. Lifting let's us increase the clearance at the bottom of trees.
  • Crown cleaning is the practice of removing dead, dying, broken defective and diseased limbs from the tree.

We Remove Your Trees Safely and Securely

The complete removal of a standing tree can be done in many different ways, knowing which way for each tree is vitally important.
When a tree is in an area with enough room around it we can make notch cut at the bottom of the tree, then cutting from the opposite side towards the notch, the tree is felled away from the cutter, many times as a safety back up we tie a rope towards the top of the tree and the crew pulls the tree at the same time as it is cut.
When the tree is close to a structure a climber ascends to the top of the tree and cuts off branches one at a time and where necessary lowers branches by rope to reduce risk of damage to structure. Knowing when to apply the different ways of removing a tree is extremely important.
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